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December News Blog
25th December 2017
| Tshukudu Game Lodge


"Many of our guests at Tshukudu come from places around the world where Christmas means bundling up with scarfs and sweaters and embracing the wonderful, ... [Read More]

November News Blog
30th November 2017
| Tshukudu Game Lodge

It's official: the Christmas decorations are up, and we've entered the silly season with enthusiasm! Our front of house staff couldn't wait until December to start lighting up the reception area with sparkly lights and cheerful ornaments ... [Read More]

October News Blog
31st October 2017
| Tshukudu Game Lodge

What is it about the African skies that draw people out into the wilderness time and time again? The clarity of the stars on cool nights, and deafening cracks of thunder and lightning that we associate with thick summer clouds, and the psychedelic ... [Read More]

September News Blog
29th September 2017
| Tshukudu Game Lodge

Our second ever news blog comes in the fantastic South African spring time, when the wild flowers are abloom, and the temperatures are rising, while the distant rumble of thunder sends the exciting warning of the summer rainfall we are anticipatin ... [Read More]

August News Blog
30th August 2017
| Tshukudu Game Lodge

Welcome to our News Blog! This month, we’ve launched an exciting new platform for sharing our latest and greatest wildlife sightings, events at the lodges, memorable moments with our guests, and stories from our staff. Each month we will be ... [Read More]